Faces of Geneva by Josh Fassbind


«Faces of Geneva» is a personal project I started in the fall of 2010 to promote the city I was born and raised in. What makes Geneva so special to me is the extraordinary diversity of people living in this town. So the idea behind this photography project was to capture the portrait of one person from every single country listed at the UN and residing in Geneva. All the participants are photographed in their favorite place in Geneva and in order to get to know these people a bit better every photo includes their first name, country of origin and one word to describe their vision or experience of Geneva. Starting all on my own back in 2010, I was thrilled to discover the enthusiasm people had for the project. It spread quickly through social media and was featured in local newspapers (see the Press page). «Faces of Geneva» was exhibited at Maison Tavel — part of the Museums of Geneva — for 5 months at the end of 2012 as well as a month at the United Nations in Geneva.. Each picture taken on its own shows the uniqueness of the participants but together all these portraits unite these people, these different destinies in a single place: Geneva. My hope is that this photography project gives a positive image of Geneva and its international community.

«Faces of Geneva» is a photography project by Los Angeles based Swiss photographer Josh Fassbind (http://joshfassbind.com).

Here is a short video of the setup at Maison Tavel. It included a photobooth which allowed visitors to take part in the project by having their photo taken and pinning it to the wall.